Gender in Russian History and Culture

TitleGender in Russian History and Culture
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsEdmondson, Linda Harriet
Number of Pages223
CityBasingstoke, UK ; New York

This volume charts the changing aspects of gender in Russia's cultural and social history from the late seventeenth century to the Stalinist era and the collapse of the Soviet Union. The works, while focusing on women as a primary subject, highlight in particular gender difference, the construction of both femininity and masculinity in a culture that has undergone major transformation and disruptions over the period of three centuries. Contents: Educating Tat'yana : manners, motherhood and moral education (Vospitanie), 1760-1840 / Catriona Kelly -- Gender and salvation : representations of difference in Old Believer writings from the late seventeenth century to the 1820s / Irina Korovushkina Paert -- 'A crocodile in flannel or a dancing moneky' : the image of the Russian woman writer, 1790-1850 / Joe Andrew -- Mariya Vernadskaya : missionary of 'scientific femininity' / Arja Rosenholm -- 'Belles-lettres with a touch of filth' : on the contemporary reception of Leonid Andreev's stories, 'The abyss' and 'In the fog' / Peter Ulf Møller -- Unruly identities : Soviet psychiatry confronts the 'female homosexual' of the 1920s / Dan Healey -- Biding their time : women workers and the regulation of hours of employment in the 1920s / Melanie Ilic -- Rationality versus romanticism : representations of women in the Stalinist press / Lynne Attwood -- Complex 'realities' of 'new' women of the 1930s : assertive, superior, belittled and beaten / Mary Buckley -- The heirs of Pasha : the rise and fall of the Soviet woman tractor driver / Sue Bridger.

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