Revolutionary Women in Russia, 1870-1917: A Study in Collective Biography

TitleRevolutionary Women in Russia, 1870-1917: A Study in Collective Biography
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsHillyar, Anna, and Jane McDermid
Number of Pages232
PublisherManchester University Press
CityNew York

Most studies of the development of Marxism in Russia concentrate on male revolutionaries. It is only in the past twenty five years that scholars have begun to investigate the women who dedicated themselves to the cause of revolution. What then of the women who joined the revolutionary movement, and particularly the Bolshevik party, in their thousands? Revolutionary women in Russia is the first sustained analysis of female involvement in the revolutionary era of Russian history. By placing women centre stage, without exaggerating their involvement, this study enriches our understanding of women and revolutionary politics, and also provides a revealing insight in to this momentous period of Russian history. Revolutionary women in Russia is a powerful study of working women and Russian Marxism, which aims to engage readers with descriptions of 'real' revolutionary women. Based on a variety of sources that have not been previously translated into English, this book will appeal to all those with an interest in the Russian Revolution, twentieth-century history and gender studies.

Short TitleRevolutionary Women in Russia, 1870-1917
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