Memories of Revolution: Russian Women Remember

TitleMemories of Revolution: Russian Women Remember
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsPorter, Anna Horsbrugh, Elena Snow, and Frances Welch
Number of Pages138

Preserving the childhood memories of some of the last generation of White Russian women to experience the Revolution firsthand, this poignant collection of interviews and photographs provides a unique and moving record of life in Imperial and Bolshevik Russia. The accounts give a personal insight into how the Revolution devastated the lives of the aristocracy, the intelligentsia and the foreigners of Moscow and St Petersburg in the few weeks after the October 1917 upheaval. These people, previously amongst the wealthiest in Russia, were reduced to a life of poverty, persecution and exile. This forced exile has had a profound effect on these women. Their childhood memories have remained very sharp, with a volume of detail and intensity of recall peculiar to those whose premature transition from child to adult coincided with the traumas of revolution.

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