The Voice of the SS: A History of the SS Journal "Das Schwarze Korps"

TitleThe Voice of the SS: A History of the SS Journal "Das Schwarze Korps"
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1986
AuthorsCombs, William L.
Number of Pages455
PublisherP. Lang
CityNew York

This volume reviews the SS version of National Socialist ideology as conveyed through Das Schwarze Korps, the only official SS newspaper (1935-1945). Gunter d'Alquen, a member of Himmler's Personal Staff and commander of the SS propaganda unit, edited the innovative and controversial journal while it became the second largest weekly paper in Germany, conveying the SS viewpoint to the general public as well as to the SS membership. Under his direction it exercised considerable independence in dealing with themes such as race, religion, administration and justice, foreign policy, Communism, business and capitalism, Nazi culture, the status of women and other topics of importance. This book uses dozens of illustrations and analyzes hundreds of articles to demonstrate that the SS was a revolutionary force within National Socialism and that the SS leadership maintained a radical outlook well into the last months of Hitler's regime.

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