"Dem Führer ein Kind Schenken": Die SS-Organisation Lebensborn e.V.

Title"Dem Führer ein Kind Schenken": Die SS-Organisation Lebensborn e.V.
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsKoop, Volker
Number of Pages306

The organisation Lebensborn e.V. was founded in 1935 by the SS, the Schutzstaffel (Protection Scadron), and supported by the Nazi German government. Its goal was to produce and raise an elite of "Aryan" children who qualified as "racially pure" and "healthy" based on the racist Nazi social hygine and health ideology. Although the Lebensborn was no secret organization, today's knowledge about it is rather sparse or  inaccurate. The institutions was in Germany mainly a place for single expectant mothers who gave birth to their children from SS men in the Lebensborn homes, who were  afterwards adopted by Nazi parents. But after the Second World War had started the Lebensborn participated in the so-called Germanization campaign in the occupied territories, in which "suitable children" were kidnapped from their parents, robbed of their identity in the Lebensborn homes and "Germanized" by trusted Nazi parent, who adopted them at a young age. This volume is a scientifically sound overall presentation of the history this SS organization, which also takes into account previously unexplored sources. The background, structure and organization of the Lebensborn e.V. are presented in a detailed and factual manner, without losing sight of the fate of those affected, for example during the Germanization and expropriation campaigns, but also of the Lebensborn children themselves. [publisher]

Translated Title"Giving a child to the Führer": The SS-Organisation Lebensborn e.V.
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