Vater: Deutscher: Das Schicksal der norwegischen Lebensbornkinder und ihrer Mütter von 1940 bis heute

TitleVater: Deutscher: Das Schicksal der norwegischen Lebensbornkinder und ihrer Mütter von 1940 bis heute
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsOlsen, Kåre
Number of Pages398
PublisherCampus Verlag

In December 1935, Reichsführer SS, Heinrich Himmler, established an SS agency designated as Lebensborn e.V. in Nazi Germany. It pursued the goals of creating a "racially pure" and "healthy" Aryan elite. With the outbreak of war, Lebensborn played a key role in Himmler's policy to 'germanicize' Northern and Western Europe. He urged SS men to produce more children, whether in or out of wedlock. While the SS was establishing new units in the occupied countries, staffed by Nazi sympathizers from the local populations, Lebensborn homes were founded (especially in Norway) in order to provide care and an ideologically sound upbringing for the children of German soldiers and foreign women. Norwegian mothers of the children were insulted as "Tyskertos" (German sluts), for their children, homes of the Lebensborn association were built by the SS "for the preservation of valuable Germanic genetic material". After the war, thousands of these women were interned in camps as objects of hatred, and their children were forcibly placed in foster families or in homes for the dificult to educate, mentally disturbed and handicapped. Today, however, the former Lebensborn fosterlings are no longer willing to accept their role as outcasts and are demanding reparations for their destroyed lives. Kåre Olsen has analyzed the files of many Lebensborn children and shed light on a forgotten chapter of German war history.

Translated TitleFather: German: The Fate of Norwegian Lebensborn Children and Their Mothers from 1940 to Today
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