South-West Africa under German Rule, 1894-1914

TitleSouth-West Africa under German Rule, 1894-1914
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1971
AuthorsBley, Helmut
Number of Pages303
PublisherNorthwestern University Press

In this book, the author presents a study of the period of German colonial rule in South-West Africa between 1894 and 1914. The history of South-West Africa offers many parallels to developments in other European colonies, and in its outline German expansion followed a well-established pattern of colonial growth. However, this study focuses not on the 'normal' pattern of events which played out in other African colonies; instead, the author is concerned with the processes which prevented the European community in South-West Africa from ever reaching political and social normalcy. This book explores the political, social, and economic factors which affected these processes.

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