Reproduction Politics in Postwar Poland

TitleReproduction Politics in Postwar Poland
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsKlich-Kluczewska, Barbara
EditorRöger, Maren, and Ruth Leiserowitz
Book TitleWomen and Men at War: A Gender Perspective on World War II and Its Aftermath in Central and Eastern Europe
PublisherFibre Verlag
CityOsnabrück, Germany

In this chapter, the author discusses gender roles in postwar Poland. In this period, argues the author, Polish women were expected to take up both the economic and the reproductive reconstruction of the country. This resulted in a redefinition of gender roles aimed at equality between men and women and accompanied by a pro-natalist population policy. The result emphasized by the author is that the main issue was a redefinition of the tasks and roles of women, while images of masculinity were hardly discussed.

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