The Sexual Revolution in Russia: From the Age of the Czars to Today

TitleThe Sexual Revolution in Russia: From the Age of the Czars to Today
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsKon, Igor S.
Number of Pages337
PublisherThe Free Press
CityNew York

In a look at the current sexual scene in Russia, the author of this volume finds that the long-desired sexual liberation that accompanied the collapse of the Soviet regime has been transformed into commercialized, trivialized or debased sexuality. He reports an epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases, the world's highest abortion rates, widespread sexual ignorance, an alarming increase in rape and sexual violence, and strong homophobia and gay-bashing. The author argues that eros, driven underground by the bolsheviks' puritanical crusade of the 1930s, became vulgarized and charged with aggression, and has never fully recovered. He traces the contemporary lack of sexual sophistication to the legacy of pre-revolutionary Russian village life, where marrying for love was virtually unknown. This study lifts the veil off a hitherto taboo topic and offers numerous asides about the hardships of the Russian people under various regimes.

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