Women, Politics, and Change: The Kaum Ibu UMNO, Malaysia, 1945-1972

TitleWomen, Politics, and Change: The Kaum Ibu UMNO, Malaysia, 1945-1972
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1980
AuthorsManderson, Lenore
Number of Pages308
PublisherOxford University Press
CityKuala Lumpur; Oxford

Manderson makes a valuable contribution in this book to the understanding of the role of women and the continuity of tradition in the context of political changes in Malaysia. Women appear to have become active participants in politics in Malaysia, but Manderson demonstrates in her study of the Pergerakan Kaum Ibu UMNO in Peninsular Malaysia from 1945-1972 that this did not necessariy bring about a change in the traditional subservient political role of women. Manderson examines the Pergerakan Kaum Ibu in the context of the traditional role for Malay women and the momentous political events in Malaysia's history. Against this background, the author describes the organization's origins, auxiliary role, members, leaders, and lobbying and electoral efforts. She finds that although women increasingly participated in politics, the traditional subservient role of women did not change. THe women helepd to get out the vote on polling days, but they didn't challege their relationship with men, and Manderson argues that Pergerakan Kaum Ibu had an essentially passive approach to securing social change. She also found that traditional values and attitudes can carry into and be accommodated within quite non-traditional settings, structures, and activities.

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