Eine Frau an seiner Seite: Ehefrauen in der "SS-Sippengemeinschaft"

TitleEine Frau an seiner Seite: Ehefrauen in der "SS-Sippengemeinschaft"
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsSchwarz, Gundrun
Number of Pages304

Between 1931 and 1945, around 240,000 women married SS men and became part of the SS clan. Sociologist Gudrun Schwarz examines the lives of these wives. She describes everyday family life at their husbands' places of deployment, which was shaped by Nazi and SS ideology. Each concentration camp had an SS settlement where the SS families lived. In the occupied areas of the East, villas were often requisitioned for them right next to the ghettos. The SS wives were active accomplices and could be found wherever crimes were committed. Their loyalty, their watching, their consent, knowledge and approval of the atrocities, robbery and murder - their participation in the power of their husbands made them perpetrators. As housewives, they provided a stable domestic framework in which their spouses found refuge and strength for their "murderous work." As professional colleagues, they were involved in the smooth running of the system of extermination in the concentration camps, the SS administrative apparatuses, and murder institutions. Women played an extremely important role in National Socialist society. Most of them had no sense of injustice, either during the Nazi era or afterwards.

Translated TitleA Woman at His Side: Wives in the "SS-Sippengemeinschaft"
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