Hong se niang zi jun / The Red Detachment of Women

TitleHong se niang zi jun / The Red Detachment of Women
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1961
AuthorsJin, Xie
Running Time92 minutes
Publication LanguageMandarin

An important milestone in Chinese cinema, The Red Detachment of Women conveys the importance of the Communist Party in defending the people against warlords during the Chinese Civil War (1927-1950). In the early 1930s in Hainan Island, Hong Changqing rescues Wu Qionghua from a vicious warlord. Changqing, a representative of the Communist Party, encourages Qionghua to join the Red Detachment of Women, a group of women soldiers. She joins the revolutionary cause and helps to defeat the warlord. 

Original Publication红色娘子军 (Hóngsè Niángzi Jūn)
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