Murderers Among Us

TitleMurderers Among Us
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1946
AuthorsStaudte, Wolfgang
Running Time85 minutes
Date Released1946
Publication Languagegerman

One of the first German films produced after World War II, emblematic of the Trümmerfilm style that highlighted the ruins of postwar Germany, Murderers Among Us examines how ordinary citizens recover from war traumas. Susanne Wallner, a Holocaust survivor, arrives home to discover Dr. Hans Mertens, a military doctor who can no longer bear to attend to human suffering, living there. Mertens becomes agitated with the arrival of his former captain Ferdinand Brückner, who killed over 100 Polish citizens on Christmas Eve. Mertens decides to kill Brückner, but Wallner convinces him to submit him to the authorities for war crimes. 


Ernst Wilhelm Borchert

Hildegard Knef

Arno Paulsen

Erna Sellmer


Produced by Deutsche Film-Aktiengesellschaft

Directed by Wolfgang Staudte

Written by Wolfgang Staudte

Cinematography by Friedl Behn-Grund and Eugen Klagemann

Edited by Hans Heinrich

Music by Ernst Roters


Drama, Romance, Thriller

Alternate TitleThe Murderers are Among Us
Translated TitleAssassins sont parmi nous
Original PublicationDie Mörder sind unter uns
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A cultural product of de-nazification in Soviet-controlled East Germany, which promoted seeking justice and using war tribunals rather than vengance to address war crimes. 

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