Writing The War: Chronicles of a World War II Correspondent

TitleWriting The War: Chronicles of a World War II Correspondent
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsKiley, Anne, Thomas Pellechia, and David Kiley
Number of Pages479
PublisherPrometheus Books
CityAmherst, NY

As expansive as it is personal, this chronicle of World War II is a firsthand account by a journalist and the woman he would marry of the dramatic events that engulfed the world in the middle of the twentieth century. The correspondence between Charles Kiley and Billee Gray also tells the poignant tale of two young people in love but forced apart by the circumstances of war. Edited by Charles and Billee's daughter, son, and son-in-law, this never-before-published compilation of letters is a striking example of the heroic, call-to-duty spirit that characterized "the greatest generation."

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