Late Blossom: Memories of Life, Loss and Love in Vietnam

TitleLate Blossom: Memories of Life, Loss and Love in Vietnam
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsLâm, Laura
Number of Pages364
PublisherHesperides Publishing
CityHong Kong

"The tragic irony of America's military adventure in Viet Nam lies in the fact that the two countires were fighting different wars. The Americans were fighting to sever the head of a communist monster they saw as intent on world domination and enslavement to the State. The Vietnamese, in contrast, were fighting to reclaim their right to self-determination and self-rule, a war of independence. From the perspective of the Vietnamese people, how Viet Nam would be governed and whether it would prosper were not issues for outsiders to decide. For them, the issue focused on the decisive return of its self-evident right to be free from imperialist domination. In waging their crusade against Communism, the Americans were seen as new imperialists clinging to an old position." Late Blossom is a moving book about how ordinary people cope with extraordinary circumstances, and how a few, in spite of unimaginable horror and constant fear, somehow manage to reach deep within themselves and survive the despair and dark of night to embrace the hope and light of day. In these pages we are taken into a world where personal insecurity, sudden ruin and the real possibility of torture and violent death are as perfunctorily taken for granted as tomorrow's sunrise. We are introduced to a cast of real-life characters caught up in and struggling against the sweeping tides of history. And through the eyes of a most remarkable woman, we come to better understand a most remarkable people and their long fight for freedom. Late Blossom is, quite simply, a beautifully told story of life, loss and love in a war-torn Viet Nam.

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