The Inner War: My Journey from Pain to Peace

TitleThe Inner War: My Journey from Pain to Peace
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsRobinson, Gerda Hartwich
Number of Pages249
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
CityNew York

The tragedies of war don't end when the last bomb is dropped or the last prisoner freed; they continue in subtle but devastating ways. In this volume, the author narrates her story as a German survivor of World War II. She tells how her life's journey included hunger, fear, neglect, and physical and emotional abuse, and how she carried these injustices in her mind and body for many years, leading to debilitating back pain, headaches, panic attacks, depression, and feelings of inadequacy. In this memoir, the author describes how her spirit was devastated by hopelessness, and she entertained thoughts of suicide. This memoir shares lessons she learned at a chronic pain rehabilitation center that allowed her to start on a path to peace and love.

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