Priscilla: The Hidden Life of an Englishwoman in Wartime France

TitlePriscilla: The Hidden Life of an Englishwoman in Wartime France
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsShakespeare, Nicholas
Number of Pages425
PublisherHarvill Secker

BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY: HISTORICAL, POLITICAL & MILITARY. 'A most strange and compelling book driven by the writer's unsparing search for truth: now an optimistic hunt for a family heroine, now a study in female wiles of survival, now a portrait of one very ordinary person's frailty in the face of terrible odds.' John le Carr When Nicholas Shakespeare accidentally stumbled across a box documents belonging to his late aunt he was completely unaware of where this discovery would take him. The Priscilla he remembered was very different from the glamorous, morally ambiguous young woman who emerged from the many love letters and journals, surrounded by suitors and living the dangerous existence of a British woman in a country controlled by the enemy. He had heard rumours that Priscilla had fought in the Resistance, but the truth turned out to be far more complicated.

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