A Life Displaced: A Mennonite Woman's Flight from War-Torn Poland

TitleA Life Displaced: A Mennonite Woman's Flight from War-Torn Poland
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsThiessen, Edna Schroeder, and Angela Showalter
Number of Pages217
PublisherPandora Press ; Herald Press
CityKitchener, Ont ; Scottdale, Pa.

A piece of Mennonite history that has received little attention is the story of the Mennonites in Prussia and Poland during World War II who failed to escape the advancing Russians. Not only did these people see their world dramatically altered by war, but also many faced rape, severe hunger, separation from loved ones, forced labor camps, constant threat of death, and loss of identity in a society that no longer tolerated religious differences. Through dramatic stories and photographs, Edna Schroeder Thiessen shares with us her wartime experiences during that turbulent time. "In this true story of a young woman’s suffering, courage, and faith, we see a peaceful Mennonite community destroyed, witness the incredible cruelty of soldiers, and discover the part played by North American Mennonites in her final rescue. Edna’s authentic and moving story provides a keyhole view into a life that our generation has difficulty even imagining, let alone understanding. We need to hear this story. Our young people need to hear it." -Peter J. Dyck

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