Geschichte der Männlichkeit in Europa, 1450-2000

TitleGeschichte der Männlichkeit in Europa, 1450-2000
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsSchmale, Wolfgang
Number of Pages327

Nothing is as erratic as maleness. The history of the past 500 years is full of "new men". The European renaissance defined the man as the "New Adam". In 1789 the French revolutionaries wrote "the man Regeneration" on their banners and created the "new man", the "Homme Regenere". In the revolts of 1968, the foundations for the next "new man" of history appeared in North America and Europe. Whether "New Adam" or "Reclaimed" or "New Man" - these terms respectively mark the beginning of comprehensive social-cultural new constructions of masculinity.Based on extensive scholarly research Geschichte der Männlichkeit in Europa : (1450 - 2000) offers a comprehensive cultural science-scale history of masculinity in modern Europe, masculine history, gender history and general history from male autobiographies and visual media. 

Short TitleGeschichte der Männlichkeit in Europa
Translated TitleHistory of Masculinity in Europe (1450 - 2000)
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