The Jews in Mussolini's Italy : from equality to persecution

TitleThe Jews in Mussolini's Italy : from equality to persecution
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsSarfatti, Michele
Number of Pages419
PublisherUniversity of Wisconsin Press
CityMadison, U.S.A.

Often overshadowed by the persecution of Jews in Germany, the treatment of Jews in Fascist Italy comes into sharp focus in this volume by Italian historian Michele Sarfatti. Beginning with a history of Italian Jews in the decades before fascism - when Jews were fully integrated into Italian national life - Sarfatti provides a deft and comprehensive history from the rise of fascism in 1922 to its defeat in 1945. [Jacket.]

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The Jews at the coming of Fascism
The demography of Jewish life : the city, textiles, and books
The attack on Jewish equality (1922-1936)
The attack on Jewish rights (1936-1943)
The assault on Jewish lives (1943-1945)
Appendix 1 : Angelo Sereni's report to the Congress of Italian Jewish Communities (1925)
Appendix 2 : Report on the activities of the Union of the Italian Jewish Communities from June 1933 to September 1934
Appendix 3 : Italy's rabbis to their brethren (1937)
Appendix 4 : Report to the women's sections of DELASEM, October 1941
Appendix 5 : [Raffaele Jona] "Relazione n. 2" [March 1945]
Appendix 6 : The failed attempt of the World Jewish Congress to save Italian Jews in 1943.

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