Wellington's Worst Scrape: The Burgos Campaign, 1812

TitleWellington's Worst Scrape: The Burgos Campaign, 1812
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsDivall, Carole
Number of Pages247
PublisherPen & Sword Military
CityBarnsley, UK

The disastrous retreat and near disintegration of Sir John Moore's army on the road to Corunna in 1809 is traditionally regarded as the low point in the history of the British intervention in the Peninsular War. Yet under the Duke of Wellington the British and their allies suffered defeats and retreats that tend to be overshadowed by the series of victories that eventually drove the French from Portugal and Spain. None of these setbacks was graver than the retreat that followed the disastrous failure of the siege of Burgos in 1812. It is this, less than glorious, phase of the Peninsular campaign that is the subject of this study of the British army of the Napoleonic Wars. By reconstructing events in close detail, and by bringing together many primary sources, the author gives an account here of what happened and why.

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