Rethinking the Man Question: Sex, Gender and Violence in International Relations

TitleRethinking the Man Question: Sex, Gender and Violence in International Relations
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2008
Series EditorParpart, Jane L., and Marysia Zalewski
Number of Pages240
PublisherZed Books
CityLondon ; New York

The reality of international relations and its academic study are still almost entirely constituted by men. Rethinking the Man Question is a crucial investigation and reinvigoration of debates about gender and international relations.  Following on from the seminal The Man Question in International Relations this book looks at the increasingly violent and 'toxic' nature of world politics post 9/11. Contributors including Raewyn Connell, Kimberley Hutchings, Cynthia Enloe, Kevin Dunn and Sandra Whitworth consider the diverse theoretical and practical implications of masculinity for international relations in the modern world. Covering theoretical issues including masculine theories of war, masculinity and the military, cyborg soldiers, post-traumatic stress disorder and white male privilege. The book also focuses on the ways in which masculinity configures world events from conscientious objection in South Africa to 'porno-nationalism' in India, from myths and heroes in Kosovo to the makings of Zimbabwe.  This essential work will define the field for many years to come.

Short TitleRethinking the Man Question
Reprint EditionFull text available online through Ebrary.
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