Introduction: Violent Imaginaries and Violent Practices

TitleIntroduction: Violent Imaginaries and Violent Practices
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsSchroder, Ingo W., and Bettina E. Schmidt
EditorSchmidt, Bettina E., and Ingo W. Schroeder
Book TitleAnthropology of Violence and Conflict
Pagination1 - 24
CityLondon ; New York

Anthropology of Violence has only recently developed into a field of research in its own right and as such it is still fairly fragmented. Anthropology of Violence and Conflict seeks to redress this fragmentation and develop a method of cross-cultural analysis. The study of important conflicts, such as wars in Sarajevo, Albania and Sri Lanka as well as numerous less publicised conflicts, all aim to create a theory of violence as cross-culturally applicable as possible. Most importantly this volume uses the anthropology of violence as a tool to help in the possible prevention of violence and conflict in the world today.

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