Gewalt im Ersten Weltkrieg: Töten - Überleben - Verweigern

TitleGewalt im Ersten Weltkrieg: Töten - Überleben - Verweigern
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsZiemann, Benjamin
Number of Pages278

The First World War witnessed the advent of new forms of mass violence. Soldiers killed and wounded each other on an unprecedented scale. At the same time, they struggled to survive under bombardment and escape killing. Some were opposed to the violence. This volume suggests that only by grouping together killing, survival, and rejection that the forms and extent of the violence of the First World War become comprehensible. Ziemann provides a vivid, balanced introduction to key questions and topics raised by the violence of German soldiers during the war. The volume's chapters combine analysis of the forms of violence and rejection with biographical case studies of how individuals observed and processed violence. This makes it possible to undertand how these facets of the First World War shaped German society. 

Translated TitleViolence in the First World War: Killing - Surviving - Refusing
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