Cultural Musicology: New Perspectives on World War II

TitleCultural Musicology: New Perspectives on World War II
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsFauser, Annegret
JournalZeithistorische Forschungen/Studies in Contemporary History
Start Page282

The study of organized sound is the business of musicology – yet this routine observation carries a wealth of complexities, especially in the context of interdisciplinary discourse. Although musicology’s pluridisciplinary foundations offer open access to such disciplines as history, literary studies, mathematics, or sociology, the field’s intradisciplinary discourses and methodologies have shaped musicology in ways that turn most interdisciplinary exchange into a challenge. Two key issues confront musical scholarship in the case of World War II. On the one hand lies the challenge of defamiliarizing the soundscape of this period by reintroducing – or at least acknowledging – the topic’s historical, cultural, and sonic distance. On the other hand, music scholarship on World War II also needs to face the political, cultural, and even acoustic exceptionality of this global conflict.

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