The Nightingale Training School, 1860-1996

TitleThe Nightingale Training School, 1860-1996
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsWake, Roy
Number of Pages289
PublisherHaggerston Press

This book is a history of the Nightingale Training School, a nursing school inspired by Florence Nightingale's work in the Crimean War. While the volume is not a biography of Nightingale, the author emphasizes that Nightingale's influence on this and other training schools throughout the world was enduring. The volume traces the route in the training school from Victorian and Edwardian apprenticeships, through two World Wars and social upheaval, to the Nightingale Institute, and professional preparation of nurses in higher education, providing a chronicle of the social, political, statutory and professional changes that have taken place during 50 years of the National Health Service.

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