The Greek civil war, 1943-1950: studies of polarization

TitleThe Greek civil war, 1943-1950: studies of polarization
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsClose, David H.
Number of Pages265
CityNew York, U.S.A.

This account of the Greek civil war employs much evidence which is either new, or has been hitherto unavailable in English. It draws together the findings of six scholars who have specialized in some aspect of the war. [From WorldCat.]

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Greece and the German occupation / John L. Hondros
'The first round, ' civil war during the occupation / Ole L. Smith
The British defeat of Eam, 1944-5 / Lars Baerentzen and David H. Close
The military struggle, 1945-9 / David H. Close and Thanos Veremis
The Greek Communist Party, 1945-9 / Ole L. Smith
The reconstruction of a right-wing state / David H. Close
Britain, the United States, and Greece, 1945-9 / John O. Iatrides
The legacy / David H. Close.

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