Greece at the crossroads: the Civil War and its legacy

TitleGreece at the crossroads: the Civil War and its legacy
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsIatrides, John O., and Linda Wrigley
Number of Pages340
PublisherPennsylvania State University Press
CityUniversity Park, U.S.A.

Revised papers presented originally at a conference organized by the Lehrman Institute and held in the Vilvorde Conference Center in Copenhagen, Denmark, June 3-5, 1987.

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Greece at the crossroads, 1944-1950 / John O. Iatrides
The 1940s between past and future / George Th. Mavrogordatos
The National Liberation Front (EAM), 1941-1947: a reassessment / Hagen Flesicher
Communist perceptions, strategy, and tactics, 1945-1949 / Ole L. Smith
The changing structure of the right, 1945-1950 / David H. Close
The executive in the Post-Liberation period, 1944-1949 / Nicos C. Alivizatos
Stabilization, development, and government economic authority in the 1940s / Stavros B. Thomadakis
Soviet policy in areas of limited control: the case of Greece, 1944-1949 / Peter J. Stavrakis
The Tito-Stalin split and the Greek Civil War / Ivo Banac
The impact of the Macedonian question on Civil Conflict in Greece, 1943-1949 / Evangelos Kofos
Greece, 1939-1952: a chronology of political events.

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