Fight or Pay: Soldiers Families in the Great War

TitleFight or Pay: Soldiers Families in the Great War
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsMorton, Desmond
Number of Pages359
PublisherUniversity of British Columbia Press

The First World War is remembered largely for the immense sacrifice inlife and limb of Canadian soldiers. In Fight or Pay, DesmondMorton turns his eye to the stories of those who paid in lieu offighting - the wives, mothers, and families left behind whensoldiers went to war. A pan-Canadian story, Fight or Paybrings to light the lives of thousands of valiant women whosesacrifices have been overlooked in previous histories. It is anincisive and honest look at the beginnings of a social welfare systemthat Canadians have come to think of as intrinsic to citizenship. [UNC Libraries]

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