Revolution and defeat: the story of the Greek Communist Party

TitleRevolution and defeat: the story of the Greek Communist Party
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1965
AuthorsD. Kousoulas, George
Number of Pages306
PublisherOxford University Press

The Greek Communist Party (KKE) enjoys the dubious distinction of having applied in the course of its history practically all forms of political and revolutionary warfare. From strikes and demonstrations to electoral coalition, clandestine subversion, and guerrilla operation, the KKE's record in the interwar period and the turbulent war and post-war years can provide the student of world affairs with a wealth of information and insight of more than mere historical significance. Part one deals with the formative period of the KKE, its tortured relationship with the Comintern and incessant quarrels of its leaders. Part two covers the efforts of its Comintern-installed leadership to expand the party's influence by exploiting the country's economic difficulties in the early 1930s. [From Amazon.]

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