The Greek Civil War: essays on a conflict of exceptionalism and silences

TitleThe Greek Civil War: essays on a conflict of exceptionalism and silences
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsCarabott, Philip, and Thanasis D. Sfikas
Number of Pages285
CityBurlington, U.S.A.

Half a century after the civil war which tore apart Greek society in the 1940s, the essays in this volume look back to examine the crisis. They combine the approaches of political and international history with the latest research into the social, economic, religious, cultural, ideological and literary aspects of the struggle. [From WorldCat.]

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Fifty years on, Philip Carabott and Thanasis D. Sfikas
1. The Greek Civil War: Greek exceptionalism or mirror of a European civil war?, Martin Conway
2. What was the problem in Greece?: a comparative and contextual view of the national problems in the Spanish, Yugoslav, and Greek civil wars of 1936-49, Philip B. Minehan.
3. The Cominform and the Greek Civil War, 1947-49, Ioanna Papathanasiou.
4. A prime minister for all time: Themistoklis Sofoulis from Premiership to Opposition to Premiership, 1945-49, Thanasis D. Sfikas.
5. Struggling from abroad: Greek Communist activities in France during the Greek Civil War, Nicolas Manitakis.
6. Getting Greece "working again": the London Agreement of January 1946, Athanasios Lykogiannis.
7. Becoming Communist: political prisoners as a subject during the Greek Civil War, Polymeris Voglis.
8. Orthodoxy in the service of anticommunism: the religious organization Zoe╠ł during the Greek Civil War, Vasilios N. Makrides.
9. Social dimensions of anticommunism in Northern Greece, 1945-50, Basil C. Gounaris.
10. The everyday lives and silences of a National Army soldier and his wife during the Greek Civil War, Philip Carabott.
11. Pyramid 67: a liminal testimony on the Greek Civil War, Maria Nikolopoulou.
12. The shadow of the Greek Civil War in the poetry of Takis Sinopoulos, David Ricks.
13. Writing silences: Manolis Anagnostakis and the Greek Civil War, Liana Theodoratou.
14. The road to reconciliation?: the Greek Civil War and the politics of memory in the 1980s, David Close.

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