He is the Sun, She is the Moon: Women in Early Modern Germany

TitleHe is the Sun, She is the Moon: Women in Early Modern Germany
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsWunder, Heide
Number of Pages320
PublisherHarvard University Press
CityCambridge, MA

Heide Wunder shows how the history of women and the history of gender relations can provide crucial insights into how societies organize themselves and provide resources for political action. She observes actual circumstances as well as the normative rules that were supposed to guide women's lives. [The readers] learn what skills were necessary to take charge of households, what people ate, how they furnished their homes, what birth control measures were available, what role women played in peasant protest. Using sources as diverse as memoirs, wedding and funeral sermons, novels, and chronicles, and including a wealth of demographic information, Wunder reveals a new image of early modern women and provides a rich interpretation of early modern Europe. [Jacket]

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