The Battle of Adowa on 1st March 1896: A Reappraisal

TitleThe Battle of Adowa on 1st March 1896: A Reappraisal
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1989
AuthorsRainero, Romain H.
Editorde Moor, J. A., and H. L. Wesseling
Book TitleImperialism and War: Essays on Colonial Wars in Asia and Africa
PublisherE.J. Brill
CityLeiden, Netherlands

In the history of European imperialism, two dates mark moments of recoil in the triumphant march of European conquest of the Asiatic and African world: Adowa and Tsushima. This chapter argues that the former is undoubtedly the more important, as it stands out as the victory of a continent struggling against colonial settlement in a period during which this settlement was victorious everywhere over African resistance, and describes the battle.

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