Disziplin: Soziologie und Geschichte militärischer Gehorsamsproduktion

TitleDisziplin: Soziologie und Geschichte militärischer Gehorsamsproduktion
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsBröckling, Ulrich
Number of Pages364
PublisherWilhelm Fink

This monograph explores the question of how the elementary state command authority is conveyed to the individual, which abolishes what appears to be the most powerful taboo of mankind: do not to kill. The approach of the book is primarily normative. It does not ask about the individual internalization of mechanisms of obedience, but aims at the overall social space, "the connection between the image of war, the constitution of the state and the army," in which the production of soldiers takes place. To this end, it examines recruiting and drill regulations, military criminal law, military-psychiatric literature and military educational treatises, follows political and other contemporary elite discourses and uses autobiographical sources to fill the knowledge gaps between theory and practice.

Translated TitleDiscipline: Sociology and History of Military Obedience Production
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