Sexuality and War: Literary Masks of the Middle East

TitleSexuality and War: Literary Masks of the Middle East
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsAccad, Evelyne
Number of Pages198
PublisherNew York University Press
CityNew York

Evelyne Accad explores what she calls the indissoluble link between war and sexualtiy. She refers to sexuality as the physical and psychological relations of men and women, and examines Middle Eastern customs involved in defining such relationships. She argues that many of the problems faced by societies at war stem from the way male sexuality is viewed and imposed and from the oppression of women within cultural parameters. For twelve years Accad interviewed women throughout the Middle East about their sexuality and relationships with men. On the basis of these interviews and a close study of six novels written by both men and women on the subject of the Lebanese war, she explores the connection between sexualtity and war and contrasts the reactions of male authors with those of their female counterparts. Each author views war as having roots in sexuality.

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