Women at War: Iraq, Afghanistan, and other Conflicts

TitleWomen at War: Iraq, Afghanistan, and other Conflicts
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsWise, Jr., James E., and Scott Baron
Number of Pages234
PublisherNaval Institute Press
CityAnnapolis, MD

Today, women in all U.S. military services are involved in the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. They serve as pilots and crewmen of assault helicopters, bombers, fighters, and transport planes, and are frequently engaged in firefights with enemy insurgents while guarding convoys, traveling in hostile territory, or performing military police duties. Like their male counterparts, they carry out their missions with determination and great courage. The advent of the insurgency war, which has no rear or front lines, has made the debate regarding women in combat irrelevant. The stories of these thirty courageous women are told here through numerous personal interviews and oral history interviews conducted by staff at The Women's Memorial. In every case they were struck by the women's extraordinary display of dedication to their mission and to the soldiers and sailors with whom they served. [WorldCat.]

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