Beschäftigungsprobleme in zentral-administrativen Planungssystemen

TitleBeschäftigungsprobleme in zentral-administrativen Planungssystemen
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1974
AuthorsKosta, Jiri
EditorWatrin, Christian
Book TitleStruktur- und Stabilitätspolitische Probleme in Alternativen Wirtschaftssystemen
PublisherDuncker & Humblot

This book chapter in the edited volume "Struktur- und Stabilitätspolitische Probleme in Alternativen Wirtschaftssystemen" (Structural and stability problems in alternative economic systems) explores the employment problems in central administrative planning systems of Eastern Europe after 1945. Two of the central issues were on the one hand the extreme extent of destruction of housing and infrastructure after the war, on the other hand it was the "surplus of women" in most of the socialist states after the Second World War, because of the extreme amount of fallen soldiers from this war.

Translated TitleThe Employment Problems in Central Administrative Planning Systems
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