Revolutionary Melodrama: Popular Film and Civic Identity in Nasser's Egypt

TitleRevolutionary Melodrama: Popular Film and Civic Identity in Nasser's Egypt
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsGordon, Joel
Number of Pages300
PublisherMiddle East Documentation Center

Revolutionary Melodrama explores intersections between cinema and politics during the Nasser era, a period in which a military regime embarked upon the construction of a new civic identity for an independent Egypt. The way in which filmmakers participated in this venture provides the focal point, with their cultural production as the central texts which both shaped and were shaped by an emerging sense of a new Egypt. With the blessing of a "revolutionary" regime, filmmakers began to explore issues of social inequity, colonial and feudal exploitation, changing gender roles, religious and cultural traditions and, finally, the disappointments of the revolutionary project itself. [WorldCat.]

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