War Diary: Fiction, Fact and Fancy

TitleWar Diary: Fiction, Fact and Fancy
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsLipp, Isabelle
Number of Pages218
PublisherParktown & Westcliff Heritage Trust

This volume is the author's diary during her stay in Johannesburg at the beginning of the Second Boer War. At the time of the declaration of war the author and her husband, Charles, were in Johannesburg. He was manager of the Johannesburg branch of the African Banking Corporation and a British subject. All British subjects were required to leave the Zuid Afrikaansche (Transvaal) Republiek, but he and his wife were granted permits to remain in Johannesburg. They moved from their home in the suburbs and occupied rooms on the top floor of the Bank's premises. The author was determined to remain and support her husband, but they sent their children to the coast with relatives. This diary was kept for the period immediately before the granting of the Ultimatum by the British Government until the occupation of the British troops under Lord Roberts on 31 May 1900 - a period of just under eight months.

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