Gender and citizenship in the Middle East

TitleGender and citizenship in the Middle East
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsJoseph, Suad
Number of Pages400
PublisherSyracuse University Press
CitySyracuse, U.S.A.

The essays in this work illustrate the various ways in which women in the Middle East fall short of being vested with the rights and privileges that would define them as fully enfranchised citizens. They offer an examination of national legislation on personal status, penal law and labour law. [WorldCat.]

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Part 1: Theoretical introduction.
Gendering citizenship in the Middle East, by Suad Joseph.
Part 2: North Africa.
The pitfalls of the nationalist discourses on citizenship in Egypt, by Mervat F. Hatem.
Citizenship and gender in Algeria, by Marnia Lazreg.
Becoming a citizen : lineage versus individual in Tunisia and Morocco, by Mounira M. Charrad.
The Islamic state and gendered citizenship in Sudan, by Sondra Hale.
Part 3: Eastern Arab states.
Civic myths, citizenship, and gender in Lebanon, by Suad Joseph.
Transit citizens : gender and citizenship under the Palestinian Authority, by Islah Jad, Penny Johnson, and Rita Giacaman.
Gender and citizenship in Jordan, by Abla Amawi.
Gender and state in Iraq, by Jacqueline S. Ismael and Shereen T. Ismael.
Part 4: The Arab Gulf.
The concept and practice of citizenship in Saudi Arabia, by Soraya Altorki.
Citizenship, gender, and the politics of quasi states, by Haya Al-Mughni and Mary Ann Tétreault.
Passports and passages: tests of women's citizenship rights, by Sheila Carapico and Anna Wuerth.
Part 5: The non-Arab Middle East.
Gender and citizenship in Turkey, by Yeşim Arat.
Iranian women at the intersection of citizenship and the family code: the perils of "Islamic criteria," by Homa Hoodfar.
The citizenship of Jewish and Palestinian Arab women in Israel, by Barbara Swirski.

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