Trabajadores: The Spanish Civil War through the Eyes of Organised Labour

TitleTrabajadores: The Spanish Civil War through the Eyes of Organised Labour
Publication TypeWebsite
Year of Publication2020
Corporate AuthorsLibrary of the University of Warwick
Place PublishedCoventry, UK

This website by the Library of the University of Warwick provides not only an ilustrated timeline of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), but also more than 4,000 documents from its archive collections on the conflict – fully searchable by keyword. The focus is on the situation of ordinary Spanish people during the civil war, the role of workers and the labor movement inside Spain and the support of international labor organization, especially in Britain, for the Spanish republicans of the legally elected leftist government protecting the Spanish Republic  against the attack of the fascist troops under general Francisco Franco (1892-1975) that were supported by the German and Italian facists. Users can browse through the documents by file and archive collection, and find out more about what has been digitized. Subjects include:

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