Zimbabwe's Guerrilla War: Peasant Voices

TitleZimbabwe's Guerrilla War: Peasant Voices
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsKriger, Norma J.
Number of Pages316
PublisherCambridge University Press

Studies of revolution generally regard peasant popular support as a prerequisite for success. In this study of political mobilization and organization in Zimbabwe's recent rural-based war of independence, the author is interested in the extent to which Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU) guerrillas were able to mobilize peasant support, the reasons why peasants participated, and in the links between the post-war outcomes for peasants and the mobilization process. The author interviews peasants and other participants about their experiences, and she is able to produce fresh insights into village politics during a revolution. In particular, Zimbabwean peasant accounts direct attention to the ZANU guerrillas' ultimate political victory despite the lack of peasant popular support, and to the importance that peasants attached to gender, generational and other struggles with one another.

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