History of Personnel Demobilization in the United States Army

TitleHistory of Personnel Demobilization in the United States Army
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1952
AuthorsSparrow, John C.
Number of Pages370
PublisherDepartment of the Army
CityWashington, DC

This study is essentially an historical treatment of the personnel aspects of United States Army demobilization. The original desire was to provide a narrative that would tell the story of all phases of World War II demobilization. However, this task was too comprehensive for one volume and consequently only the personnel aspects were covered. The primary object of this study is to provide a work of reference for general staff officers and for students in the Army School System. Its value to the thoughtful civilian as an aid to comprehension of basic problems of national security has been a major consideration. It is also expected and hoped that the work done herein will stimulate further research by providing students of politico-military problems with a guide to demobilization records. [Author]

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