Regesta Imperii

TitleRegesta Imperii
Publication TypeWebsite
Corporate AuthorsAkademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur
Place PublishedMainz, Germany

The REGESTA IMPERII (RI) chronologically record all activities evidenced by documents or anything else of the Roman-German kings and emperors from the Carolingians up to Maximilian I (ca. 751-1519) as well as of the popes of the early Middle Ages and High Middle Ages in the form of German “Regesten” (abstracts).The starting point of the undertaking is strongly connected with the name of the Frankfurt municipal librarian Johann Friedrich Böhmer (1795-1863), who began the collecting and publishing the deeds of the German Kings and Emperors in 1829. Originally intended to function as a preliminary work of the “Monumenta Germaniae Historica”, the REGESTA IMPERII developed into an independent basic work after Böhmer, which has long proven to be indispensable in the field of medieval studies. This is mostly due to an extended regesta concept, which included an exact reproduction of the regesta’s form and content as well as of the historiographic messages in short form.

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