CIRCE: Catalogo Informatico Riviste Culturali Europee

TitleCIRCE: Catalogo Informatico Riviste Culturali Europee
Publication TypeWebsite
Corporate AuthorsUniversità degli studi di Trento
Place PublishedTrento, Italy

CIRCE, an acronym in Italian for Computerized Catalogue of European Cultural Periodicals, denotes a project to digitize twentieth-century periodicals from Europe's cultural sphere and make them publicly accessible. It includes indexes and full texts of periodicals in Italian and other periodicals. Continuing to expand, CIRCE also organizes seminars and publications. Created with the aid of both the government of Trento and the University of Trento, CIRCE includes several thousand entries on European culture, as well as collections on poetry and Futurism. Site is primarily in Italian, although some main pages offer English translations.

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