Biblioteca Provinciale Italiana Claudia Augusta

TitleBiblioteca Provinciale Italiana Claudia Augusta
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
AuthorsAugusta, Biblioteca Provincial, and Provincia Autonoma d Adige

Biblioteca Provinciale Italiana Claudia Augusta is the digital repository of a small Italian town on the ancient Roman road Via Claudia Augusta in the province of Bolzano. Recent concepts of libraries as places where ‘conversations’ are fostered has enabled new ways of managing library collections by allowing communities to collaborate in the process of selecting and acquiring sources of information to document their history. Such a project can provide a way to build a representative community repository.
1.banca dati bibliografica sull’Alto Adige - bibliographic information about South Tyrol
2.digitalizzazione del periodico locale "La Provincia di Bolzano" con il contributo della Banca di Trento e Bolzano - digitized local newspaper "La Provincia di Bolzano"
3. digitalizzazione del periodico locale "Il Piccolo Posto" con il contributo della Banca di Trento e Bolzano - digitized local newspaper "The Small Place"
4.digitalizzazione del periodico locale "La Voce del Sella" - digitized local newspaper "The Voice of the Sella"
5.rielaborazione parziale con ipertesti del periodico "Il piccolo posto"* (Icona PDF formato PDF - circa 4.5 MByte) - partial reprint with hypertext of the newspaper "The Small Place"
6.rielaborazione parziale con ipertesti del quotidiano "La Provincia di Bolzano"* (Icona PDF formato PDF - circa 2.5 MByte) - partial reprint with hypertext of "La Provincia di Bolzano"
7.digitalizzazione Archivio per l'Alto Adige - digitized archive for the northern Italian province South Tyrol
8.digitalizzazione Atesia Augusta - digitized magazine "Atesia Augusta" published during the short but critical historical time span from 1939 to the end of 1940 as Italy declared war
9.digitalizzazione "La Domenica del Corriere" - digitized "Domenica del Corriere", an Italian weekly newspaper which ran from 1899 to 1989
10.digitalizzazione "La Tribuna Illustrata" - digitized "La Tribuna Illustrated", an Italian weekly published in Rome in the period that occurred from the late nineteenth century to the advent of television from 1890 to 1969
11.digitalizzazione "Periodici vari" - various digitized newspapers
12.digitalizzazione "Libro antico" - digitized "Ancient Book", original bibliographical rarities such as illuminated manuscripts, incunabula, and rare and valuable books of various ages

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Italian Provincial Library Claudia Augusta

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