The First Casualty: Violence Against Women in Canadian Military Communities

TitleThe First Casualty: Violence Against Women in Canadian Military Communities
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsHarrison, Deborah
Number of Pages200
PublisherJames Lorimer & Company

In "The First Casualty" Deborah Harrison argues that within the Canadian military an environment exists where violence against women is both encouraged and hidden. Because the military relies on aggressive male behavior, because it is based on a model where you don't question the boss, and because it values secrecy, a culture exists where military personnel often abuse their partners and this fact is kept well hidden within the military community. Drawing from extensive interviews with military personnel and spouses of military personnel the author uses personal stories and first hand accounts to explore why violence against women occurs within military communities. The book begins by discussing violence against women and the military way of life. It then looks at the services currently available to spouses of military personnel and determines that these services are inadequate, leaving military spouses isolated and vulnerable. It concludes by making recommendations to improve services. While the subject matter of the book is difficult, the tone is not hopeless. The author uses the courageous voices of women who have survived domestic abuse to end the secrecy and create positive change.

Short TitleThe First Casualty
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