Cuore / Heart and Soul

TitleCuore / Heart and Soul
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1948
AuthorsColetti, Duilio, and Vittorio De Sica
Running Time1h 31min
Date Released03/10/1948
DistributorEnte Nazionale Industrie Cinematografiche (ENIC)
Publication LanguageItalian

Heart and Soul is a film adaptation of Edmondo de Amici's novel, Cuore. Initially published in 1886 and rising to immediate success, the book and film follow Enrico Bottini, a 10-year old primary school student in Turin with an upper class background who is surrounded by classmates of working class origins. The book is set in 1881-1882 and reflects on the Italian unification in 1870, evoking several patriotic themes and Italian nationalism. 

Original PublicationCuore
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