Piccolo mondo antico

TitlePiccolo mondo antico
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1941
AuthorsSoldati, Mario
Running Time1h 46min
Date Released04/10/1941
DistributorIndustrie Cinematografiche Italiane
Publication LanguageItalian

A thematic precursor of Italian neorealism, this richly detailed portrait of the Italian unification in the nineteenth century explores love, loss, and changing social norms during wartime. In Austrian-occupied Lombardy, Franco Mairo, a young man from an aristocratic family, decides to marry Luisa (Alida Valli), a humble clerk's daughter, against his family's wishes. The family is wrecked when his mother and grandmother disown him. In the meantime, Luisa gives birth to a daughter and Franco leaves for Turin in search of a job. During his absence, tragedy drives Luisa to madness. During the Second Italian War of Independence in 1859, Franco becomes a volunteer soldier in the fight against the Austrian Empire. He reunites with his wife one last time before leaving for war. 

Translated TitleLittle Old-Fashioned World
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