The Sparrow

TitleThe Sparrow
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1972
AuthorsChahine, Youssef
Running Time105 min
Date Released1972
CountryAlgeria; Egypt
Publication Languagear

Banned upon its release in Egypt, Chahine's The Sparrow views the pan-Arab defeat of the Six Day War through the prism of state corruption. On the even of war, a police officer and journalist in an Upper Egypt village investigate a recent murder and theft, connecting both of them back to high-ranking state officials. The film offers a broader commentary on the failures of Pan-Arabism from within.


Farid Sawqi

Mahmud al-Miligi


directed by Youssef Chahine

written by Lotfy al-Khouly and Youssef Chahine


Drama, War

Alternate TitleAl-asfour
Original Publicationالعصفور
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